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Our Vision: Interactive Inclusion

At Tufts, diversity and inclusion are central to the academic mission of the university.

We believe in the inherent worth of all people, regardless of race and ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression, physical and intellectual ability, religion, geographic origin and language background, and socioeconomic status.

We recognize that it is not enough to enroll a diverse student body. We must make certain that all our students thrive here and have opportunities to participate fully in the Tufts experience.

We will further the university’s commitment to equal opportunity and inclusion for all students—undergraduate, graduate, and professional—and for faculty, staff, and university leaders across all campuses and throughout all our schools.

We aspire to deliver the promise that Tufts is a place where all members of our community feel a sense of belonging and are empowered to contribute in ways that celebrate the most important parts of their identity.

We will create an environment that encourages and embraces open, respectful dialogue and civic engagement both inside and beyond the classroom even when it comes to topics on which there may be profound differences.

We realize that inclusion, in and of itself, is not enough. We aspire to create interactive inclusion: paths of opportunity that intersect with one another; paths on which diverse perspectives flow freely throughout Tufts, elevating our community, and ultimately—as students graduate and pursue their dreams—elevating communities throughout the world.


As we strive to create an environment that embraces diversity and advances an inclusive culture across all four of our campuses, Tufts benefits from a wealth of perspectives; students, faculty, staff, and university leaders—most notably President Anthony P. Monaco and Provost and Senior Vice President ad interim Deborah Kochevar.

President's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council

Chaired by President Monaco, the Tufts Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council guides the university’s strategy and policies to advance diversity and inclusion among the student body, faculty, and staff to make the university more inclusive and welcoming to all.

List of Council Members

Tufts By the Numbers

Our interactive diversity dashboard helps raise awareness of inclusion as a university priority, enables us to celebrate our achievements, and illuminates areas for improvement.

Rob Mack, ED. D.

Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, Medford/SMFA; Associate Dean for Student Success and Advising; Director, BLAST

Rob was a first-generation college student whose firsthand experiences make him a fierce and trusted advocate for students, an inspired mentor, and respected friend beloved by all.

Joyce Sackey, M.D.

Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, Tufts University Health Sciences Schools, Dean for Multicultural Affairs and Global Health, Associate Professor of Medicine at TUSM

Joyce’s journey as a determined young woman from Ghana to a champion for social justice makes her an authentic vibrant voice in the university’s dialogue about equal opportunity and inclusion.

Maren Greathouse, M.S.

Associate Director, Diversity and Inclusion Education - Medford/SMFA Campuses

Maren (she series) is a queer-identified woman with a strong background in diversity, equity, and inclusion. She deeply committed to the tenets of social justice and creating affirming, empowering, and joyful experiences for students, faculty, and staff across the field of higher education.

Adriana Black, M.P.H.

Associate Director, Diversity and Inclusion Education - Health Sciences Campuses in Boston and Grafton

Adriana (she series) is a bilingual, bicultural first-generation Latina immigrant whose main goal is to center on students, particularly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and hold space, listen, and support their flourishing throughout their graduate school experience.