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A photograph of Tufts graduates at commencement. The image features the back of new graduate's head's, so their caps are visible. In the middle one cap stands out, which is decorated to read "I Didn't Do It Alone" in big yellow letters with butterflies for decoration.


When it comes to diversity and inclusion, Tufts is working hard to listen and learn, create equal access to opportunities, and foster a climate in which students, staff, and faculty feel welcome to express their own identities and advance academically, professionally, and socially. Our initiatives, both past and present, help accomplish this and inform the creation of future ones. Learn More about Initiatives 

Education and Consultations

Members of our team offer consultations to faculty, staff and departments across the university for department/unit specific DEIJ educational needs. Often in partnership with the corresponding Associate/Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, we offer resources, facilitations and strategy support.

Programs and Research Opportunities

We offer a multitude of programs that promote and address diversity and inclusion. These programs are available to K-12 students, undergraduates, graduates, professional students and faculty and staff. From research and educational opportunities to scholarships fellowships, and internships, our goal is to advance equity and access in all areas of study, to expose people of all ages to a vast array of professions, and to unlock their potential to succeed. Learn More about Programs and Research Opportunities.

Campus Resources

One of the university’s priorities is to have a place where anyone can turn for guidance, help, information, and a genuine feeling of personal attention and inclusiveness. To that end, Tufts has created a community of support across all its campuses with a comprehensive network of resources for students, faculty, and staff. Learn More about Campus Resources.